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Manufacturer Part No MT28EW256ABA1HJS-0SIT
Part No 28F256
Alternate Names MT28EW256ABA1HJS-0SIT TR

Product Details

Package TSOP-56
Outpack TRAY
Voltage 2.7V~3.6V
Temperature -40°C~+85°C
Speed 70 NS
Std. Pack Qty 576
Std. Carton

General Description The device is an asynchronous, uniform block, parallel NOR Flash memory device. READ, ERASE, and PROGRAM operations are performed using a single low-voltage supply. Upon power-up, the device defaults to read array mode. The main memory array is divided into uniform blocks that can be erased independently so that valid data can be preserved while old data is purged. PROGRAM and ERASE commands are written to the command interface of the memory. An on-chip program/ erase controller simplifies the process of programming or erasing the memory by taking care of all special operations required to update the memory contents. The end of a PROGRAM or ERASE operation can be detected and any error condition can be identified. The command set required to control the device is consistent with JEDEC standards. CE#, OE#, and WE# control the bus operation of the device and enable a simple connection to most microprocessors, often without additional logic. The device supports asynchronous random read and page read from all blocks of the array. It also features an internal program buffer that improves throughput by programming 512 words via one command sequence. A 128-word extended memory block overlaps addresses with array block 0. Users can program this additional space and then protect it to permanently secure the contents. The device also features different levels of hardware and software protection to secure blocks from unwanted modification.

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