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Description Brand Part No Package Datecode Qty
M393A2K43DB3-CWE SAMSUNG 16GB DDR4 RDIMM 288-PIN 22+ 1,000 Get Quote
LPC1778FET208K NXP LPC1778 TFBGA-208 23+ 2,520 Get Quote
MAX13256ATB T ANALOG DEVICES/ADI MAX13256 TDFN-10 10,000 Get Quote
M393A2K43DB3-CWE SAMSUNG 16GB DDR4 RDIMM 288-PIN 2230+ 1,000 Get Quote
MX25L51245GZ2I-08G TR MACRONIX/MXIC 512MB SPI WSON-8 22+ 30,000 Get Quote
IS42S16800F-7BLI-TR ISSI 8MX16 SD BGA-54 23+ 6,000 Get Quote
STM32F302RCT6 STM 32F302 LQFP-64 22+ 19,200 Get Quote
APDS-9930 BROADCOM APDS9930 SMD-8 W2Y 152,895 Get Quote
KMDH6001DA-B422 SAMSUNG 64GB EMMC+32GB LPDDR4X FBGA-254 10 Get Quote
MT28EW128ABA1HJS-0SIT MICRON 28F128 TSOP-56 22+ 5,760 Get Quote
S34 ML04G200TFI000 SKYHIGH 512MX8 NAND SLC TSOP-48 22+ 5,760 Get Quote
PM8628C1-F3EI MICROCHIP PM8628 FCBGA 22+ 10,000 Get Quote
CP2102N-A02-GQFN24R SILICON LABS CP2102 QFN-24 22+ 16,500 Get Quote
AS4C64M16D2A-25BCN ALLIANCE-MEMORY 64MX16 DDR2 FBGA-84 22+ 20,900 Get Quote
LPC1768FBD100K NXP LPC1768 LQFP-100 3,600 Get Quote

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Description Brand Part No Package Datecode Qty
MT41J256M8DA-125 MICRON 256MX8 DDR3 FBGA-78 1,000 Enter Offer
EM6HC16EWBH-10IH ETRON 64MX16 DDR3L FBGA-96 20,000 Enter Offer
IS61LV25616AL-10BI ISSI 256KX16 FAST BGA-48 23+ 30,000 Enter Offer
STM32F207VCT6 STM 32F207 LQFP-100 2022+ 10,800 Enter Offer
K4F8E304HB-MGCJ SAMSUNG 512MX16 LPDDR4 FBGA-200 100,000 Enter Offer
MZ-V8P1T0BW SAMSUNG 1TB SSD 1,260 Enter Offer
CT8G4DFRA32A CRUCIAL 8GB DDR4 UDIMM 288-PIN 5,000 Enter Offer
CT240BX500SSD1 CRUCIAL 240GB SSD 4,500 Enter Offer
FM24V05-GTR INFINEON+CYPRESS 512KB FR-I2C SOIC-8 5,000 Enter Offer
MCF52259CAG80 NXP MCF52259 LQFP-144 21+ 300 Enter Offer
MT45W8MW16BGX-701 IT MICRON 8MX16 PSEUDO VFBGA-54 9,550 Enter Offer
M471A1K43DB1-CWE SAMSUNG 8GB DDR4 SO 260-PIN 2,000 Enter Offer
M393A2K43DB3-CWE SAMSUNG 16GB DDR4 RDIMM 288-PIN 1,000 Enter Offer
MP2457GJ-Z MPS MP2457 TSOT-23-6 3,000 Enter Offer
NT5CC128M16JR-EKI TR NANYA 128MX16 DDR3L FBGA-96 120,000 Enter Offer
IS29GL256-70DLEB ISSI 29GL256 BGA-64 22+ 5,800 Enter Offer
TLV75801PDBVR TEXAS/TI TLV75801 SOT-23-5 90,000 Enter Offer
TXB0108DQSR TEXAS/TI TXB0108 SON-20 90,000 Enter Offer
MLX90372GDC-ACC-300 MELEXIS MLX90372 SOIC-8 15,000 Enter Offer
IS25CD010-JDLE-TR ISSI 1MB SPI TSSOP-8 101,500 Enter Offer
IS25LQ020B-JDLE-TR ISSI 2MB SPI TSSOP-8 101,500 Enter Offer
TMS320DM8147BCYE0 TEXAS/TI 320DM8147 FCBGA-684 540 Enter Offer
KLUDG4U1EA-B0C1 SAMSUNG 128GB NAND UFS FBGA-153 1,000 Enter Offer
IS42S16800F-7BLI-TR ISSI 8MX16 SD BGA-54 23+ 6,000 Enter Offer
LPC1763FBD100K NXP LPC1763 LQFP-100 2,250 Enter Offer
IS43DR16320E-25DBL ISSI 32MX16 DDR2 FBGA-84 1,045 Enter Offer
A3966SLBTR-T ALLEGRO A3966 SOIC-16 21+ 4,000 Enter Offer
AS4C64M16D2-25BCN ALLIANCE-MEMORY 64MX16 DDR2 FBGA-84 7,733 Enter Offer
MX52LM04A11XUI MACRONIX/MXIC 4GB EMMC FBGA-153 56,000 Enter Offer
MT41J256M8DA-125:K MICRON 256MX8 DDR3 FBGA-78 1,050 Enter Offer
NT5TU64M16HG-ACTR NANYA 64MX16 DDR2 FBGA-84 12,000 Enter Offer
NT5CC128M16JR-EK-TR NANYA 128MX16 DDR3L FBGA-96 20,000 Enter Offer
MX25L12833FZ2I-10G-TR MACRONIX/MXIC 128MB SPI WSON-8 438,000 Enter Offer
IS43LD32128A-25BPLI ISSI 128MX32 LPDDR2 FBGA-168 51 Enter Offer
STM32F031C4T6 STM 32F031 LQFP-48 1,500 Enter Offer