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Description Brand Part No Package Datecode Qty
MT48LC16M16A2P-6AIT:G TR MICRON 16MX16 SD TSOP2(54) 1726 4,000 Get Quote
EM6AA160TS-5G ETRON 16MX16 DDR1 TSOP2(66) 11+ 100,000 Get Quote

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Description Brand Part No Package Datecode Qty
IR3448MTRPBF INFINEON IR3448 PQFN-28 4,000 Enter Offer
IS45S16320D-7TLA2 ISSI 32MX16 SD TSOP2(54) 6,000 Enter Offer
FM25V05-GTR CYPRESS 25V05 SOIC-8 15,000 Enter Offer
BCM56844A1KFRBLG BROADCOM BCM56844 980 Enter Offer
EP3C40F780I7N ALTERA/INTEL 3C40 FBGA-780 2,592 Enter Offer
K4B8G1646D-MYK0 SAMSUNG 512MX16 DDR3L FBGA-96 20,000 Enter Offer
SC414312RC60 NXP SC414312 1,000 Enter Offer
MC68060 NXP MC68060 1,000 Enter Offer
MT41K128M16JT-125IT:KTR MICRON 128MX16 DDR3L FBGA-96 20,000 Enter Offer
MT46H256M32L4LE-48 WT:C MICRON 256MX32 LPDDR1 FBGA-168 13,000 Enter Offer
MT40A256M16GE-075E IT:B MICRON 256MX16 DDR4 FBGA-96 310 Enter Offer
MT25QL256ABA8ESF-0SIT MICRON 256MB SPI SOP2-16 4,320 Enter Offer
M25P32VMW6TG MICRON 32MB SPI SO-8 18+ 4,500 Enter Offer
K4E6E304EC-EGCG000 SAMSUNG 512MX32 MDDR3 FBGA-178 17,920 Enter Offer
IS41LV16100C-50TLI ISSI 1MX16 EDO TSOP2(44) 1,170 Enter Offer
H5TQ4G63CFR-RDC SK HYNIX 256MX16 DDR3 FBGA-96 10,000 Enter Offer
MB85RS512TPNF-G-JNERE1 FUJITSU 64KX8 FRAM SOP-8 20,000 Enter Offer
STM32F103VCT6TR STM 32F103 LQFP 40,000 Enter Offer
STM32F103RCT6 STM 32F103 LQFP 9,600 Enter Offer
IS42VM32160E-6BLI ISSI 16MX32 SD FBGA-90 45,000 Enter Offer
NT5TU64M16HG-AC NANYA 64MX16 DDR2 FBGA 42,990 Enter Offer
IS62WV2568BLL-55TLI-TR ISSI 256KX8 SLOW TSOP 9,000 Enter Offer
IS42SM32160E-6BLI ISSI 16MX32 SD FBGA-90 10 Enter Offer
IS45SM32400H-6BLA1 ISSI 4MX32 SD FBGA-54 10 Enter Offer
MT48LC16M16A2P-6AIT:G TR MICRON 16MX16 SD TSOP2(54) 10,000 Enter Offer
IS45S16160D-7BLA1 ISSI 16MX16 SD FBGA-54 3,582 Enter Offer