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Description Brand Part No Package Datecode Qty
IS25LP128F-JBLE-TR ISSI 128MB SPI SOIC-8 21+ 6,000 Get Quote
MT25QL256ABA1EW9-0SIT TR MICRON 256MB SPI W-PDFN-8 21+ 12,000 Get Quote
MT25QL01GBBB8ESF-0SIT MICRON 1GB SPI SOP2-16 21+ 4,320 Get Quote
MT25QU256ABA8ESF-0SIT MICRON 256MB SPI SOP2-16 21+ 7,200 Get Quote
IS43R16320D-5TLI ISSI 32MX16 DDR1 TSOP2(66) 1,959 Get Quote
IS45S16320F-7TLA2 ISSI 32MX16 SD TSOP2(54) 73 Get Quote
IS42S16320D-6TL ISSI 32MX16 SD TSOP2(54) 265 Get Quote
IS42VM16800H-6BLI ISSI 8MX16 SD FBGA-54 8 Get Quote
IS42S16320D-6TLI ISSI 32MX16 SD TSOP2(54) 66 Get Quote
IS42SM32100D-6BLI ISSI 1MX32 SD FBGA-54 37 Get Quote
IS42S16100H-7TLI ISSI 1MX16 SD TSOP2(50) 2,579 Get Quote
IS43R86400D-5TL ISSI 64MX8 DDR1 TSOP2(66) 449 Get Quote
IS45S16100E-7TLA1 ISSI 1MX16 SD TSOP2(54) 384 Get Quote
IS45S16320F-7CTLA1 ISSI 32MX16 SD TSOP2(54) 477 Get Quote
K4B4G1646E-BMMA000 SAMSUNG 256MX16 DDR3L FBGA-96 21+ 12,994 Get Quote
IS45S16100H-7TLA1 ISSI 1MX16 SD TSOP2(54) 396 Get Quote
K4B4G1646E-BMMA0CV SAMSUNG 256MX16 DDR3L FBGA-96 21+ 13,440 Get Quote
IS43R86400D-5TLI ISSI 64MX8 DDR1 TSOP2(66) 2,430 Get Quote
IS43R16320D-5TL ISSI 32MX16 DDR1 TSOP2(66) 1,158 Get Quote
IS42S16320F-7TL ISSI 32MX16 SD TSOP2(54) 460 Get Quote
IS42SM32200M-6BLI ISSI 2MX32 SD FBGA-90 374 Get Quote
IS45S16100H-7BLA2 ISSI 1MX16 SD FBGA-54 867 Get Quote
IS45R16160D-75BLA2 ISSI 16MX16 SD FBGA-54 36,140 Get Quote
IS45VM16320D-75BLA2 ISSI 32MX16 SD FBGA-54 146,397 Get Quote
IS49NLC36160A-18WBL ISSI 16MX36 RLD2 FBGA-144 6,080 Get Quote
IS42S16320F-7BLI ISSI 32MX16 SD FBGA-54 513 Get Quote
IS42S16320F-7BL ISSI 32MX16 SD FBGA-54 582 Get Quote
IS42S16320B-7TL ISSI 32MX16 SD TSOP2(54) 434 Get Quote
IS42S32160F-7BLI ISSI 16MX32 SD FBGA-90 1,729 Get Quote
IS42S16320F-6TLI ISSI 32MX16 SD TSOP2(54) 3,790 Get Quote
IS42S16320F-7TLI ISSI 32MX16 SD TSOP2(54) 168 Get Quote
IS42S16100H-6TL ISSI 1MX16 SD TSOP2(50) 14 Get Quote
IS42S16100E-7TLI ISSI 1MX16 SD TSOP2(50) 3,020 Get Quote
IS42S16100F-7TLI ISSI 1MX16 SD TSOP2(50) 30,432 Get Quote
IS42S16100E-7TL ISSI 1MX16 SD TSOP2(50) 5,949 Get Quote
IS42S16100H-7TL ISSI 1MX16 SD TSOP2(50) 277 Get Quote
IS42S16100H-6TLI ISSI 1MX16 SD TSOP2(50) 58 Get Quote
IC42S16100H-6TL ISSI 1MX16 SD TSOP2(50) 1 Get Quote
K4B1G1646I-BMMATCV SAMSUNG 64MX16 DDR3L FBGA-96 21+ 14,000 Get Quote
IS25WP080D-JNLE-TR ISSI 8MB SPI SOIC-8 24,000 Get Quote
IS25WP032D-JTLA3-TR ISSI 32MB SPI USON-8 20,000 Get Quote
MT40A512M16LY-075:E TR MICRON 512MX16 DDR4 FBGA-96 50,000 Get Quote
IS25LP064A-JBLE-TR ISSI 64MB SPI SOIC-8 21+ 10,000 Get Quote
S98WS01GPF0FW003 SAMSUNG 1G F+512M DDR1 FBGA-137 19+ 60,000 Get Quote
WCN-2243-0-58BWLNSP-TR-06-0 QUALCOMM WCN2243 BGA 1420 100,000 Get Quote
MT47H64M16NF-25E AIT:M TR MICRON 64MX16 DDR2 FBGA-84 21+ 10,000 Get Quote
IS21ES08G-JCLI-TR ISSI 8GB EMMC FBGA-153 21+ 2,000 Get Quote

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Description Brand Part No Package Datecode Qty
IS43TR16128C-125KBL-TR ISSI 128MX16 DDR3 FBGA-96 1,500 Enter Offer
EFM32G210F128G-E-QFN32R SILICON LABS 32G2 QFN-32 2,000 Enter Offer
EFM32GG380F1024G-E-QFP100R SILICON LABS 32GG380 LQFP-100 1,000 Enter Offer
STM32F103VCT6TR STM 32F103 LQFP-100 20+ 22,000 Enter Offer
IS42S86400D-7TL-TR ISSI 64MX8 SD TSOP2(54) 3,580 Enter Offer
IS42S86400D-7TLI-TR ISSI 64MX8 SD TSOP2(54) 3,580 Enter Offer
MKE06Z128VLD4 NXP MKE06Z128 LQFP-44 800 Enter Offer
IS25LP080D-JNLA3 ISSI 8MB SPI SOIC-8 16,200 Enter Offer
TH58TEG8H2HBAS9 KIOXIA 32MX8 NAND BGA-132 1,000 Enter Offer
MX25L4006EM1I-12G-TR MACRONIX/MXIC 4MB SPI SOP-8 140,000 Enter Offer
TPS3803-01DCKR TEXAS/TI TPS3803 SC-70-5 18,000 Enter Offer
TH58TEG8H2HBAS9 KIOXIA 32MX8 NAND BGA-132 1,000 Enter Offer
NT5TU64M16HG-AC NANYA 64MX16 DDR2 FBGA-84 50,842 Enter Offer
ACS723LLCTR-40AU-T ALLEGRO ACS723 SOIC-8 1,000 Enter Offer
PIC18F46K20-I/ML MICROCHIP 18F46K20 QFN-44 4,315 Enter Offer
MT41K256M16HA-125 XIT:E MICRON 256MX16 DDR3L FBGA-96 1,000 Enter Offer
NT5CC64M16GP-DI-TR NANYA 64MX16 DDR3L FBGA-96 75,000 Enter Offer
MT41K256M16TW-107:P TR MICRON 256MX16 DDR3L FBGA-96 50,000 Enter Offer
KLM4G1FETE-B041001 SAMSUNG 4GB EMMC FBGA-153 46,080 Enter Offer
NT5TU64M16HG-ACTR NANYA 64MX16 DDR2 FBGA-84 10,000 Enter Offer
IS43LR16320C-6BLI ISSI 32MX16 LPDDR1 FBGA-60 50 Enter Offer
LPC2214FBD144/01K NXP LPC2214 LQFP-144 900 Enter Offer
LPC2478FBD208 NXP LPC2478 LQFP-208 1,080 Enter Offer
LPC1768FBD100 NXP LPC1768 LQFP-100 450 Enter Offer
IS42S16400J-6BLI-TR ISSI 4MX16 SD FBGA-54 32,500 Enter Offer
MX77L12850FM2I-40-TR MACRONIX/MXIC 128MB SPI SOP-8 4,000 Enter Offer
M393A2K40CB1-CRC0Q SAMSUNG 16GB DDR4 RDIMM 288-PIN 10 Enter Offer
LPC1754FBD80551 NXP LPC1754 LQFP-80 14,994 Enter Offer