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Description Brand Part No Package Datecode Qty
STM32F103VFT6TR STM 32F103 LQFP-100 15,000 Get Quote
KLMBG2JETD-B041003 SAMSUNG 32GB EMMC FBGA-153 21+ 10,000 Get Quote

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Description Brand Part No Package Datecode Qty
MC9S12A512CPVE NXP 9S12 LQFP-112 5,100 Enter Offer
MC9S12DP512VPVE NXP 9S12 LQFP-112 5,100 Enter Offer
MC9S12DP512MPVE NXP 9S12 LQFP-112 5,100 Enter Offer
MC9S12DT512CPVE MOTOROLA 9S12 LQFP-112 5,100 Enter Offer
LPC1114FBD48302 NXP LPC1114 LQFP-48 12,000 Enter Offer
MCF52258CAG66 NXP MCF52258 LQFP-144 10,000 Enter Offer
IS43TR16256BL-107MBLI-TR ISSI 256MX16 DDR3L FBGA-96 50,000 Enter Offer
MT29F1G08ABBEAH4-ITX:E MICRON 128MX8 NAND SLC FBGA-63 20,000 Enter Offer
K4B2G1646F-BMMA000 SAMSUNG 128MX16 DDR3L FBGA-96 11,200 Enter Offer
PIC18F87J10T-I/PT MICROCHIP 18F87 TQFP-80 3,600 Enter Offer
ADS1675IPAGR TEXAS/TI ADS1675 TQFP-64 1,500 Enter Offer
S912XEQ512F1MAA NXP 912XEQ512 QFP-80 20,000 Enter Offer
MX52LM04A11XUI MACRONIX/MXIC 4GB EMMC FBGA-153 2,000 Enter Offer
STM32G030F6P6TR STM 32G030 TSSOP-20 55,000 Enter Offer
NT5CC128M16JR-EK-TR NANYA 128MX16 DDR3L FBGA-96 20,000 Enter Offer
NT5TU64M16HG-ACTR NANYA 64MX16 DDR2 FBGA-84 30,000 Enter Offer
IS42S32800J-6BL ISSI 8MX32 SD BGA-90 2,400 Enter Offer
IS61NLP25672-200B1LI ISSI 256KX72 ZBT PBGA-209 2,520 Enter Offer
IS42S32800J-7BLI ISSI 8MX32 SD BGA-90 1,300 Enter Offer
NT5CC128M16JR-EKI TR NANYA 128MX16 DDR3L FBGA-96 30,000 Enter Offer
TPS546D24RVFR TEXAS/TI 546D24 LQFN-40 2,500 Enter Offer
MX25L12833FZ2I-10G-TR MACRONIX/MXIC 128MB SPI WSON-8 438,000 Enter Offer
IS43LD32128A-25BPLI ISSI 128MX32 LPDDR2 FBGA-168 51 Enter Offer
STM32F031C4T6 STM 32F031 LQFP-48 1,500 Enter Offer