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Description Brand Part No Package Datecode Qty
MT25QU128ABA1EW7-0SITTR MICRON 128MB SPI W-PDFN-8 21+ 4,384 Get Quote
MT41K512M16VRP-107 IT:PTR MICRON 512MX16 DDR3L FBGA-96 22+ 10,000 Get Quote
IS25LP256D-JLLE-TR ISSI 256MB SPI WSON-8 21+ 4,000 Get Quote
IS42S16160J-7BLI ISSI 16MX16 SD FBGA-54 21+ 3,480 Get Quote
K4F8E3S4HD-MGCLT00 SAMSUNG 256MX32 LPDDR4 FBGA-200 21+ 100,000 Get Quote
IS31FL3218-QFLS2-TR ISSI 31FL3218 QFN-24 215,000 Get Quote
IS31FL3732A-QFLS2-TR ISSI 31FL3732 QFN-40 315,000 Get Quote
LPC2138FBD64/01,15 NXP LPC2138 LQFP-64 4,840 Get Quote
K4B8G0846D-MYK0000 SAMSUNG 1GX8 DDR3L FBGA-78 11,520 Get Quote

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Description Brand Part No Package Datecode Qty
MT41K128M16JT-125 AIT:K TR MICRON 128MX16 DDR3L FBGA-96 4,000 Enter Offer
IS61WV20488BLL-10TLI ISSI 2MX8 FAST TSOP2(44) 270 Enter Offer
MCIMX6X4AVM08AC NXP MCIMX6X4 LFBGA-529 6,300 Enter Offer
ATSAMV70N20B-AAB MICROCHIP 70N20 LQFP-100 6,030 Enter Offer
ATSAMV70N20B-AABT MICROCHIP 70N20 LQFP-100 6,000 Enter Offer
IS64WV51216BLL-10CTLA3 ISSI 512KX16 FAST TSOP-48 1,350 Enter Offer
STM32F103VCT6TR STM 32F103 LQFP-100 20+ 22,000 Enter Offer
MCP4012T-103E/CH MICROCHIP MCP4012 SOT-23-6 21+ 10,000 Enter Offer
DP83848JSQ/NOPB TEXAS/TI DP83848 WQFN-40 3,000 Enter Offer
A6214KLKTR-T ALLEGRO A6214 SOIC-10 within 2y 3,000 Enter Offer
PIC32MX575F256HT-80I/PT MICROCHIP 32MX575 TQFP-64 within 2y 2,000 Enter Offer
PIC32MX534F064HT-I/PT MICROCHIP 32MX534 TQFP-64 within 2 y 1,600 Enter Offer
MT35XU256ABA1G12-0AAT MICRON 256MB SPI T-PBGA-24 125,000 Enter Offer
A1395SEHLT-T ALLEGRO A1395 DFN-6 3,000 Enter Offer
IS45S16800F-7BLA2 ISSI 8MX16 SD FBGA-54 1,044 Enter Offer
KSZ9031RNXIA TR MICROCHIP KSZ9031 QFN-48 1,000 Enter Offer
74LVC2G125DC TEXAS/TI 74LVC2G125 VSSOP-8 30,000 Enter Offer
KSZ9031RNXIA MICROCHIP KSZ9031 QFN-48 4,000 Enter Offer
LPC2478FBD208K NXP LPC2478 LQFP-208 3,060 Enter Offer
LPC1768FBD100K NXP LPC1768 LQFP-100 5,000 Enter Offer
LPC2478FBD208K NXP LPC2478 LQFP-208 3,060 Enter Offer
LPC2103FBD48151 NXP LPC2103 LQFP-48 5,000 Enter Offer
MX52LM04A11XUI MACRONIX/MXIC 4GB EMMC FBGA-153 20,000 Enter Offer
NT5CC128M16JR-EK-TR NANYA 128MX16 DDR3L FBGA-96 4,000 Enter Offer
NT5TU64M16HG-AC NANYA 64MX16 DDR2 FBGA-84 19,950 Enter Offer
MT25QL128ABA1EW9-0SIT MICRON 128MB SPI W-PDFN-8 5,920 Enter Offer
NT5TU64M16HG-ACTR NANYA 64MX16 DDR2 FBGA-84 2,000 Enter Offer
IS43LD32128A-25BPLI ISSI 128MX32 LPDDR2 FBGA-168 51 Enter Offer
MPC5566MZP132 NXP MPC5566 PBGA-416 1,000 Enter Offer
MT28EW256ABA1HJS-0SIT MICRON 28EW256 TSOP-56 4,000 Enter Offer
STM32F031C4T6 STM 32F031 LQFP-48 1,500 Enter Offer
NT5CC128M16JR-EKI NANYA 128MX16 DDR3L FBGA-96 6,740 Enter Offer
MT25QL128ABA1ESE-0SIT TR MICRON 128MB SPI SOP2-8 2,300 Enter Offer
IS43LR16320C-6BLI ISSI 32MX16 LPDDR1 FBGA-60 50 Enter Offer
STM32G030F6P6 STM 32G030 TSSOP-20 150,960 Enter Offer
LPC1768FBD100 NXP LPC1768 LQFP-100 450 Enter Offer
IS42S16400J-6BLI-TR ISSI 4MX16 SD FBGA-54 22,500 Enter Offer
MX77L12850FM2I-40-TR MACRONIX/MXIC 128MB SPI SOP-8 4,000 Enter Offer
K4T51163QN-BCE70CV SAMSUNG 32MX16 DDR2 FBGA-84 7,680 Enter Offer
LPC1754FBD80551 NXP LPC1754 LQFP-80 14,994 Enter Offer