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Manufacturer Part No MT29F4G08ABBEAH4:E
Part No 512MX8 NAND SLC
Alternate Names MT29F4G08ABBEAH4:ETR

Product Details

Package FBGA-63
Voltage 1.8 V
Temperature 0°C~+70°C
Speed 1 MHZ
Std. Pack Qty 1000
Std. Carton 10000
Number Of Words 512M
Bit Organization x8
Density 4G
Classification 1-1-1-1 (Die-nCE-RnB-IO Channels)
Package VFBGA(63-ball , 9 x 11 x 1.0)
Production Status Production
Package Material Pb-free
Interface Async only
Level SLC
Speed Grade Async only
Design Revision E

General Description Micron NAND Flash devices include an asynchronous data interface for high-performance I/O operations. These devices use a highly multiplexed 8-bit bus (I/Ox) to transfer commands, address, and data. There are five control signals used to implement the asynchronous data interface: CE#, CLE, ALE, WE#, and RE#. Additional signals control hardware write protection and monitor device status (R/B#). This hardware interface creates a low pin-count device with a standard pinout that remains the same from one density to another, enabling future upgrades to higher densities with no board redesign. A target is the unit of memory accessed by a chip enable signal. A target contains one or more NAND Flash die. A NAND Flash die is the minimum unit that can independently execute commands and report status. A NAND Flash die, in the ONFI specification, is referred to as a logical unit (LUN). There is at least one NAND Flash die per chip enable signal. For further details, see Device and Array Organization.


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FFFE (Form, Fit & Functional Equivalents)

Description Package Voltage Speed Temperature
MT29F4G08ABBDAH4 FBGA-63 1.8 V 1 MHZ 0 C~+70 C
MT29F4G08ABBDAH4:D FBGA-63 1.8 V 1 MHZ 0 C~+70 C
MT29F4G08ABBDAH4:D TR FBGA-63 1.8 V 1 MHZ 0 ~ 70 C
MT29F4G08ABBDAH4D FBGA-63 1.8 V 1 MHZ 0 C~+70 C
MT29F4G08ABBDAH4DTR FBGA-63 1.8 V 1 MHZ 0 C~+70 C
MT29F4G08ABBDAH4ES:D FBGA-63 1.8 V 1 MHZ 0 C~+70 C
MT29F4G08ABBDAH4IT FBGA-63 1.8 V 1 MHZ 0 C~+70 C
MT29F4G08ABBDAH5:D FBGA-63 1.8 V 1 MHZ 0 C~+70 C
MT29F4G08ABBDAHC FBGA-63 1.8 V 1 MHZ 0 C~+70 C
MT29F4G08ABBDAHC:D FBGA-63 1.8 V 1 MHZ 0 C~+70 C